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Senegalese Cuisine: 10 Dishes Worth Discovering. The Components of Senegalese Cusine

Senegalese Cuisine: 10 Dishes Worth Discovering. The Components of Senegalese Cusine

Senegalese food is amongst the wealthiest cuisines in West Africa and a fusion of impacts from France, Portugal, the center East, the Americas, and Vietnam.

Conventional meals from Senegal is good for sharing where visitors gather around a solitary meal, that is frequently hearty and incredibly fragrant and will be enjoyed having a spoon or a bit of bread.

We learn more about it hot, flavourful and tropical food in 10 meals well worth knowing below.

The Components of Senegalese Cusine

Fish naturally takes centre stage in Senegalese cuisine because of the countries geographical proximity to the ocean. Mero, red carp, tuna, sole, monkfish, barracuda, swordfish . The decision positive singles reviews of fish is wide plus the cooking diverse, from dried out and braised to smoked and even fermented.

Meat just isn’t therefore commonly showcased even though there are however stunning cuts available at the areas, like mutton, beef or goat, at a high price. Chicken is normally much more popular and cheaper than many other meats.

Many Senegalese meals additionally have cereals like millet, fonio or rice in addition to many veggies like tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, eggplant, or less frequent vegetables like okra (green and fibrous veggie), cowpeas (beans) or cassava origins.

Finally, fresh fresh fresh fruit types a fundamental element of the Senegalese landscape that is culinary delicious yellowish or green mangoes, mandarins, times, papayas, guavas, coconuts, pineapples, plantains or avocados, along with a lot of peanuts.

Typical Bowls Of Senegalese Cusine

1. Thieboudienne

Thi–﬩boudienne is definitely the dish that is national of. It absolutely was designed by Penda Mbaye, a famous nineteenth-century cook, and is made from fresh seafood, dried out fish, rice and tomato-garlic-onion-chilli puree, all offered with several veggies like pumpkin, cassava, eggplant and carrot.

2. Chicken Yassa

This dish that is typical Senegalese food is indigenous to Casamance (south-west for the nation). It comes with chicken pieces marinated in a combination of onions, lime juice, vinegar and peanut oil, before being grilled over a timber fire and then prepared over low heat with its marinade. It is offered merely with white rice.

Yassa could be ready with mutton or seafood.

3. Caldou

Caldou is really a recipe centered on fish prepared in palm oil and served with veggies and rice, served with a lime sauce.

4. Bassi Salte

Bassi Salte is really a couscous of millet. It consist of meatballs manufactured from mutton, sweet potatoes, potatoes, white beans, cabbage, carrots, times, raisins and a tomato sauce.

5. Mafe

Mafe is really a meal from Mali adapted to Senegalese cuisine. This can be a rice base topped with a peanut paste sauce and often associated with meat and veggies.

6. Lakhou Bissap

Lakhou bissap is a meal from Central and Western Senegal made of meat and semolina. It may be combined with dried seafood, and seems like a soup.

7. Firire

Firire is really a dish from Senegalese food according to fried seafood and onion sauce, served with fries, salad and bread.


Domoda is a dish that is rice-based tomato and flour vinegar sauce – it is offered with meat, seafood or meatballs.

9. Pastels

Pastels are little handheld deep-fried pastry pouches filled with seafood and spices, that can be wet in a tomato sauce.


Bissap just isn’t really a meal, however the many drink that is popular Senegalese food. It really is a refreshing juice made from hibiscus flowers, water, sugar, mint or orange blossom.

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